Business owners and managers choose ATA due to its training and development given to assure profit maximization and development.
ATA offers an extensive range of professional services and a high degree of specialization.
ATA has developed several niche practice areas serving private equity partnerships.
Our dedication to exceptional client service is over 18 years in the making.

Our Services:

Liberation & Protection


24/7 Availability

ATA is just a phone call away you just cannot go wrong with our services. We are available day and night, our after hours you can call to (678)-644-4033.

100% Guaranteed

Our assistance will always be transparent and educational. We are here to help you grow in every way.

Administrative Services

Our staff is dedicated to provide administrative services such as paperwork, contracts, legal, and more solutions to your problems.

Financial Services Consulting

We work buy-side and sell-side to give our clients the best guidance to excel in their area and goals to have profit maximization.

File Archive

Forget printing we are going USB and digital archiving. We are provide security and a physical space for your paper storage. We keep your files safe for more than 6 + years.

Tax Consulting

We understand the importance of having an organized accountant. We will provide order and transparency in the work that we do, and keep you updated with the law requirements and procedures


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